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Ozark Drone Services

At Ozark Drone Services our mission is to provide you with high-quality aerial photography and video services. We make it easy for your company to acquire and use professional quality drone imagery or video for your business or marketing efforts.

Our pilot at Ozark Drone Services is an FAA certified commercial drone pilot with many years of experience as a photographer and video producer. This experience is crucial when working with clients to get just the right framing for client photos and that cinematic look for your videos.

Drone photography and video are everywhere you look. These reliable devices have opened up the photography and video worlds to entirely new perspectives. Drones, or UAVs, have the ability to capture high definition 4K video footage or high-quality aerial photographs at a small fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter or aircraft and pilot. Unmanned platforms also have the capability to fly close to structures for such missions as roof or solar panel inspections, cell or water tower inspections, and even building inspections for insurance purposes such as after a natural disaster. The sky is literally the limit with this new technology.

Our production suite uses the latest versions of Adobe software for both photography and video production. This gives you peace of mind that your project will enjoy the very best outcome and will provide you with the value you are investing in. We pride ourselves in the personal touch for your project and will stay in touch with you every step of the way from planning to execution and delivery of the finished product.

We aren’t just about shooting from the sky either. We also do ground-based photography and video for commercial and residential real estate as well as other customers.

As a division of Gary Davis Photography our drone services customers get the same attention to detail and personal service as our photography customers get for their photography needs.

Please take a look at our services through the menu links at the top of the page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.