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commercial real estate

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While residential real estate has used aerial photography for some time the commercial real estate market is growing at a substantial pace. Commercial real estate owners and managers can use aerial photography to showcase stunning views of their property.

Once only available to high-end properties due to cost, it is now possible to get stunning aerial views at a small fraction of the cost. Aerial photos or video footage can make your marketing efforts stand out to potential clients.

Some uses for aerial photo and video for marketing commercial properties include:

Apartment Complexes– Show off the buildings, parking, amenities, the surrounding areas, and other advantages of living in your property. Showcase the beautiful landscaping, pool, outdoor living areas and other advantages to choosing your apartment complex to live.

Office Buildings– Office buildings can show potential tenants the parking, building, and access points to the building. Aerial photos or videos can also show off the surrounding neighborhood to people who may be considering locating their business in your complex. Traffic is important to any business, so by showing off the advantages of locating in your commercial building you can increase your occupancy.

Factories– Aerial photography can be used to help sell or lease vacant factories. Show off the best features of the property. You can also show off highway or rail access that can help potential clients see the advantages of moving into your property instead of a competitor. If you have built a new factory show it off to potential clients to highlight your increased capacity or your high tech surroundings to impress potential clients.

Shopping Malls– Shopping malls can also benefit from stunning aerial views. Traffic is very important for retail outlets. Show business owners why locating in your shopping mall will help them be successful by showing off parking and access points from the surrounding streets. You can also show them other tenants who already enjoy the advantages of being located in your mall.

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