Drone Inspections Service

drone inspections

The ease with which drone inspections can be completed is pretty amazing. Drones can return high-resolution images and video of roofs, solar installations, towers, and building tiles at reasonable prices. This makes make them especially suited for performing inspections.

Below are some examples of drone inspections we can help you complete in a reasonable time frame and without needing to have a human physically perform them. High-resolution photos or videos can be examined by experts at length without needing to be on-site to actually perform the inspection. Additionally, no human danger exists when you send up a drone to heights or tight places to perform an inspection.

Roof Inspections– Manual inspection of roofs can be hazardous and can also cause additional damage from walking around on the roof. By using a drone we are able to give you high-resolution photos or videos of rooftops without the need for risky climbing onto the roof. You can then receive actionable data that can guide your next steps. With the combination of a roof inspection and photogrammetry, we can give you the tools to decide what repairs are needed, and even allow you to measure the volume of the roof.

This service could also help roofers so they don’t have to climb on the roof to take measurements. It can allow you to more accurately make estimates and purchase materials.

This information is also valuable when planning solar panel installations. The high resolutions that can be obtained are also helpful when inspecting solar panels in existing installations.

For more information about photogrammetry and drone mapping please visit our drone mapping page.

Building Inspections– There are times where you need to inspect the sides of a tall building. Buildings get attacked from all sides, not just the tops. There are times when you need an inspection of side panels or building materials on the sides of tall buildings. This is where the unique capabilities of a drone can be invaluable. Building engineers can view the images in real-time and direct the drone pilot to areas of particular interest. If the site has an internet connection the expert can view photos in almost real-time by sending them over the internet.

Tank And Facility Inspections– With aerial photography or video you can view tanks or even whole facilities from a different perspective. Inspect hard to access areas of tanks and other holding facilities. View and look over your entire complex from in a whole new way. Use this data to solve or spot existing issues while at the same time being able to spot and solve potential problems before they occur. All this data is available for a very reasonable price.

Utility Inspections– Drones can help you inspect cell towers, wind turbines, water towers, electrical transmission lines, and other structures. These tall structures can all be inspected with drones according to FAA regulations. The regulation allows a drone pilot to fly up to 400 feet above these structures while within 400 feet around the structure. A drone pilot can get you the data you need without having to send out a human to climb the tower.

Solar Inspections– The unique perspective of a drone can give you data you may not be able to get any other way. For solar farms, you can get a wide overview of your solar farm. You can also get up close inspections of individual panels should you need them. The capabilities to easily get you the data you need to make important decisions is what makes a drone inspection one of the best decisions you can make for your bottom line.