Residential Real Estate

If you are a realtor you know how much competition there is for buyers in the residential real estate market. How do you stand out from the crowd and get buyers to look at your listings? How do you convince sellers to list with you? Offer added value, that’s how.

Video is the fastest-growing segment online right now. A video gives buyers a feeling for a property that still photos alone just can’t provide. Even those expensive walkthroughs with panoramic photos can’t provide the feeling of being there that a well-produced video can. Add in the extra dimension of being able to show prospective buyers an aerial view of the property and the surroundings and you have a winning combination. A well-produced video with cinematic shots will get more prospective buyers to pay attention to your listing. View some of our videos produced for the residential real estate market.

Real Estate Demo


With today’s drones, we can produce magazine quality aerial photos showcasing the property and the surrounding neighborhood at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.

Videos shot in 4K resolution give you the greatest amount of detail for your video. Even when reducing the resolution for the web to create smaller files your video will still look stunning.

We create a fully customizable video for your listing optimized for the residential real estate market. You can choose to get a totally unbranded video for addition to your listing on your MLS or choose a branded video to showcase on your website.

We can also produce a video of the interior of the property. Using the latest in Steadicam technology we can shoot a spectacular, smooth walk-through video of the property to add to the aerial video, or as a stand-alone project.

Of course, we can also shoot still photos of interiors as well.